Review: Dork Diaries – Crush Catastrophe



This is a wonderful book written by Rachel Renee Russell.The main character is a girl called Nikki. She has a crush on a boy in her school named Brandon. Nikki’s best friends are Chloe and Zoey. In this book, there are also people Nikki is not friends with, like Mackenzie and Tiffany. This book is really funny!

Review: The Wrong Side of Bed by Graeme Fife


Lily did not want to get up for school. She blamed different people for leaving things on the floor for her to trip  over  and for leaving her clothes on the floor. Lily then decided that  the Lego she made was wrong and threw it all over the floor. Lily  went down stairs and she refused to eat her breakfast. Mum and Dad said she had gotten out of bed on the “Wrong side” .

Lily then couldn’t find her school bag because she left it on the floor the night before. She was still grumpy when she left for school. On the way to school Lily saw of lots of scary monsters and she was still in a grumpy mood. She didn’t even want to play football with her friends. In lessons, Lily was still grumpy.

Does Lily stay in  a bad mood all day?

Who or what  can make Lily feel better?

Review: A Spoonful of Murder – Written by: Robin Stevens

IMG_1980 2

No one is safe from suspicion.  Anyone could be a suspect…

When Hazel Wong’s beloved Grandfather passes away, Hazel is joined by her best friend Daisy Wells to visit her family’s beautiful estate in Hong Kong. But they are met with shock since there is a new addition to the Wong family and a terrible murder and kidnap. In busy, bustling Hong Kong. Hazel and Daisy must work together like never before investigating dangerous gangs, and questioning all sorts of people to solve the murder mystery.

I love this book because it’s thrilling, full of suspicion, adventure and murder…I couldn’t put it down. I actually was reading it under my bed covers with a torch when my mum turned the light off that’s how good it was. The author has used a GREAT simile:” the statue had gold side wings that looked like lion paws”.

I first read this book in year 3 and I think it’s suitable for good readers over the age of 8.

Review: MINECRAFT GUIDE TO: EXPLORATION by: Mojang (Company)

    IMG_1982 1  

The world of Minecraft is waiting for YOU. But monsters hide around every corner and Survival Mode can be hard even for the best of players.    

This guide to  Minecraft was really helpful for me because it helped me  find what are the best “biomes” and “Seeds” to pick for my Minecraft world. This guide also helped me to be a professional in Making armour, best way of fighting those PESKY Creepers and choosing the perfect biome I can explore and mine for those sweet DIAMONDS! 

I think that the age recommendation for this book could be from ages 7-11 generally speaking. 

I recommend this guide because it’s really helpful for beginners in Minecraft and the people that are settling back into the game.  

This book helps you with the crafting recipes and “Mobs” and what  “drops” are and also  the guide sneaks in some tips for Survival Mode. I rate this book a 10/10 for beginners.   

The characters in this guide are Steve and Alex but they are not really important in this guide.  

The place were this guide is set is in the blocky overworld of Minecraft. 

This guide made me feel SMART and CREATIVE about my Minecraft worlds. 

What I like about the book is that it really helped me choose the PERFECT Biome and best way to avoid monsters such us Endermen, Creepers and Zombie Pigmen (soon to be called Zombified Piglins). 


Book Review: The Boy at the Back of the Class By Onjali Q. Rauf


The Boy at the Back of the Class is an incredible story of true friendship determination and bravery.

Three weeks into a new school year, an empty chair at the back of a classroom, in a school in London, becomes taken by a Syrian refugee called Ahmet. Four children in the class make it their mission to become friends with Ahmet and when they hear his tragic story they are desperate to help him. Together the children defeat the class bully, come up with plans to challenge government policy and even create headline news by sparking a national security alert at Buckingham Palace!!

As I read this book, I laughed a lot but also felt sorry for Ahmet and angry at how he was treated by certain people. I have learnt more about the plight of refugees like Ahmet and the challenges they face when they are forced to leave their homes to find safe places to live.

I recommend this book to everyone – we should all be more aware and supportive of the needs of refugees.

THE MIDNIGHT GANG By David Walliams Illustrated by Tony Ross


This hilarious book is one of the best David Walliams books ever written. When everyone is asleep at Lord Funt Hospital, a group of patients from the children’s ward known as the Midnight Gang go on wild adventures to make their dreams come true. They travel high in the sky with balloons, conduct an orchestra and even visit the North Pole.

Tom, Amber, Robin, George and Sally get into all sorts of mischief when trying to fulfil all of their dreams. They also have to avoid nasty matron who dislikes children. As I read this book I felt amused, excited, shocked and sometimes sad especially for one of the members of the Midnight Gang.

This book is all about bravery, mischief and adventure. I recommend this book to you if you like funny hilarious novels.

At Lord Funt Hospital, nothing is impossible for The Midnight Gang!!!!

Stick Dog By Tom Watson


Jump into the amazing book with Stick Dog and his hilarious friends. I recommend this book for people in KS2 because the words might be a bit tricky for KS1 children. But they would be more than delighted for their parents to read it to them. This book is filled with lots of funny mysterious things. I rate this book four stars. I think many kids who love dogs and adventure stories will adore this book.

After reading the first chapter of this ridiculous book you will be completely mind boggled about what happens next. When I finished this book I felt I was one of Stick Dog’s friends. This book is so funny that when you’re drinking your milk it will come out of your nose. You should really read this book because it’s extremely funny and once you’ve picked this up you won’t want to put it back down again.

Lucky by S.P. Gates

Are you ready to learn about real life in this book?

This book is excellent because it is about  two boys and an injured seagull.

Dom and Leon are best  friends but Leon’s mom doesn’t like Dom.

I enjoyed this book because if they hadn’t  saved the seagull it would have died.

In this book Dom has a big secret even Leon doesn’t know.

If you want to know what Dom’s big secret is I recommend you read this book.


Horrid Henry’s Sports by Francesca Simon.


Are you in need of laughter and like sports?

Well this is the book you should jump in right now and don’t forget it’s packed with facts! Henry talks about all sorts of sporty stuff like volleyball, tennis, cricket and obviously football! In my opinion it’s an EXCELLENT book.

There are loads and loads of brilliant facts in this book but my favourite fact is that if Queen Elizabeth I caught you playing football she will throw you straight into prison! And there’s 101 pages full of sport facts in the book HORRID HENRY’S SPORTS. Come and join me in this adventure of wonderful facts about sport.

Did you know that the Tug of War used to be an Olympic sport between 1900 and 1902 but in one of the games the USA and Great Britain disagreed about what type of boots they used. I hope you will go to the book shop and buy Horrid Henry’s Sports because of my book report.