Book Review: The Boy at the Back of the Class By Onjali Q. Rauf


The Boy at the Back of the Class is an incredible story of true friendship determination and bravery.

Three weeks into a new school year, an empty chair at the back of a classroom, in a school in London, becomes taken by a Syrian refugee called Ahmet. Four children in the class make it their mission to become friends with Ahmet and when they hear his tragic story they are desperate to help him. Together the children defeat the class bully, come up with plans to challenge government policy and even create headline news by sparking a national security alert at Buckingham Palace!!

As I read this book, I laughed a lot but also felt sorry for Ahmet and angry at how he was treated by certain people. I have learnt more about the plight of refugees like Ahmet and the challenges they face when they are forced to leave their homes to find safe places to live.

I recommend this book to everyone – we should all be more aware and supportive of the needs of refugees.

THE MIDNIGHT GANG By David Walliams Illustrated by Tony Ross


This hilarious book is one of the best David Walliams books ever written. When everyone is asleep at Lord Funt Hospital, a group of patients from the children’s ward known as the Midnight Gang go on wild adventures to make their dreams come true. They travel high in the sky with balloons, conduct an orchestra and even visit the North Pole.

Tom, Amber, Robin, George and Sally get into all sorts of mischief when trying to fulfil all of their dreams. They also have to avoid nasty matron who dislikes children. As I read this book I felt amused, excited, shocked and sometimes sad especially for one of the members of the Midnight Gang.

This book is all about bravery, mischief and adventure. I recommend this book to you if you like funny hilarious novels.

At Lord Funt Hospital, nothing is impossible for The Midnight Gang!!!!

Stick Dog By Tom Watson


Jump into the amazing book with Stick Dog and his hilarious friends. I recommend this book for people in KS2 because the words might be a bit tricky for KS1 children. But they would be more than delighted for their parents to read it to them. This book is filled with lots of funny mysterious things. I rate this book four stars. I think many kids who love dogs and adventure stories will adore this book.

After reading the first chapter of this ridiculous book you will be completely mind boggled about what happens next. When I finished this book I felt I was one of Stick Dog’s friends. This book is so funny that when you’re drinking your milk it will come out of your nose. You should really read this book because it’s extremely funny and once you’ve picked this up you won’t want to put it back down again.

Lucky by S.P. Gates

Are you ready to learn about real life in this book?

This book is excellent because it is about  two boys and an injured seagull.

Dom and Leon are best  friends but Leon’s mom doesn’t like Dom.

I enjoyed this book because if they hadn’t  saved the seagull it would have died.

In this book Dom has a big secret even Leon doesn’t know.

If you want to know what Dom’s big secret is I recommend you read this book.


Horrid Henry’s Sports by Francesca Simon.


Are you in need of laughter and like sports?

Well this is the book you should jump in right now and don’t forget it’s packed with facts! Henry talks about all sorts of sporty stuff like volleyball, tennis, cricket and obviously football! In my opinion it’s an EXCELLENT book.

There are loads and loads of brilliant facts in this book but my favourite fact is that if Queen Elizabeth I caught you playing football she will throw you straight into prison! And there’s 101 pages full of sport facts in the book HORRID HENRY’S SPORTS. Come and join me in this adventure of wonderful facts about sport.

Did you know that the Tug of War used to be an Olympic sport between 1900 and 1902 but in one of the games the USA and Great Britain disagreed about what type of boots they used. I hope you will go to the book shop and buy Horrid Henry’s Sports because of my book report.


Review: The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo



Jump into this adventurous story full of kindness, courage and loyalty. In this exiting story Bertie was living in Africa during his childhood and was enclosed in his home, safe from wild animals. But when he saw an amazing sight, an orphaned white lion cub, he knew the poor creature was tired and hungry, Bertie took him in as his own! Then his parents said he needed to go to school and a circus man came to take the lion. Bertie went to England to live with his aunt and uncle.

There he met a young lady when he’s at his primary school and became very close, all the way to when Bertie’s fourteen. But when he goes to fight in war, the girl loses track of Bertie. Then she sees him again when he comes back with an injured leg. He finds out that circus man is in town and goes to see if he has the exquisite lion. The circus man had gone out of business and sacrificed his circus animals because he could no longer feed them. Bertie finds the lion; all grown up and reclaims him from the circus man. The lady, Millie and Bertie remain friends for life. It is the astonishing butterfly lion that keeps the two friends united.

I would easily rate this book 5 star.

To find out more you’ll have to pick up the book and get ready to be stunned with the kindness, courage and loyalty of this incredible book.


Review: Tom Gates Excellent Excuses by Liz Pichon



Are you ready to get your hands on the one and only Tom Gates Excellent Excuses by L. Pichon ! It all starts with fun and games until Tom recognises that it isn’t going to be fun and games. He has two weeks off, but those two weeks are going to be full of excuses. Tom thinks he can go to Derek’s house; he immediately packs his bag like there is a fire and gets to the second step , and sees his mum holding letter from school, he tries to remember what it is for. Tom’s mum hands the letter over to him . Tom reads it very carefully . Obviously , the letter was about one of Toms excuses . Under the letter was another copy of Tom’s homework. When you read the letter you will understand why Tom has more homework. Tom is a good artist , but because he is a bit rude his drawings are rude. Although he maybe rude he still is funny. Tom likes to talk about how much he hates his sister Delia. Tom is one of those kids who hates school. My favourite part is when Tom draws a poster about Dog Zombies.

Book Review: Hamish and the Baby Boom by Danny Wallace


If you want to jump in to a book filled with chaos, read HAMISH And the BABY BOOM created by DANNY WALLACE. It has adventures, battles and a town where chaos just happens . It is an amazing story, I would recommend you to buy it. What are  the babies up to? READ THE BOOK  TO FIND OUT! It is illustrated by Jamie Littler and it is still only £6.99 . Babies rampage through the story. I rate it five stars . I love this book because it was rammed full with craziness and it made me laugh.

Review: What Small Rabbit Heard by Sheryl Webster and Tim Warnes


Hop into the world of small Rabbit, This is a great book by Sheryl Webster and Tim Warnes. It is hilarious and I’m positive you’ll love the great children’s book … What Small Rabbit Heard.

It has some great rhyming verses like ‘try to keep up’ But Big Rabbit’s words were lost in the wind, what Small Rabbit heard was … ‘Jump in the mud!’

In this book Small Rabbit does everything he THINKS Big Rabbit is telling him to do – and he’s never had more fun in his life (he’s never been more dirty either). I loved this book when I was younger and I still love it now, but what I like about the most is all the rhyming. My second favourite thing about this book is the characters. I find I act like Small Rabbit the most.