Review: MINECRAFT GUIDE TO: EXPLORATION by: Mojang (Company)

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The world of Minecraft is waiting for YOU. But monsters hide around every corner and Survival Mode can be hard even for the best of players.    

This guide to  Minecraft was really helpful for me because it helped me  find what are the best “biomes” and “Seeds” to pick for my Minecraft world. This guide also helped me to be a professional in Making armour, best way of fighting those PESKY Creepers and choosing the perfect biome I can explore and mine for those sweet DIAMONDS! 

I think that the age recommendation for this book could be from ages 7-11 generally speaking. 

I recommend this guide because it’s really helpful for beginners in Minecraft and the people that are settling back into the game.  

This book helps you with the crafting recipes and “Mobs” and what  “drops” are and also  the guide sneaks in some tips for Survival Mode. I rate this book a 10/10 for beginners.   

The characters in this guide are Steve and Alex but they are not really important in this guide.  

The place were this guide is set is in the blocky overworld of Minecraft. 

This guide made me feel SMART and CREATIVE about my Minecraft worlds. 

What I like about the book is that it really helped me choose the PERFECT Biome and best way to avoid monsters such us Endermen, Creepers and Zombie Pigmen (soon to be called Zombified Piglins). 


Grace Hopper Biography for #ALD17

Grace Hopper was born in New York on December 9th 1906. Her maiden name is Grace Brewster Murray but her full name is Grace Brewster Murray Hopper. A nickname she got given was Amazing Grace. She studied maths and physics at Vassar College then got a masters degree in Mathematics from Yale University. She created the first compiler for computer languages. Her occupations are:

  • Mathematician
  • Military Leader
  • and Computer Programmer

Here is one of her quotes:

“People have an enormous tendency to resist change. The love to say ‘ We’ve always done it this way’ I try to fight that.”- Grace Hopper.

Did You Know? In 2016, Hopper was honoured with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

by HS Class 6

Ada Lovelace Day – Grace Hopper

Born in New York City, Grace Hopper received a masters degree in Mathematics at Yale University. Grace Brewster Murray Hopper and her team created the first compiler ( program) for computer languages.


Her nickname was Amazing Grace, and her occupations are: Mathematics, computer programmer, and Military leader.

She retired from the navy at 79 years old, then went back to computing.

Quote : ” people have enormous tendency to resist change. They love to say,’ we’ve always done it this way.’ I try to fight that.”


by BK Year 6

Ada Lovelace Biography

picture from Wikipedia

Ada Lovelace was a computer programmer and a mathematician (she was taught  science). She was born in London on December 10th 1815, but she died on on November 27th 1815; she died of cancer. She was raised in London.Her parents were Lord George and Lady Anne Isabella Byron. When Ada was 8 her dad died in Greece in 1823. Her mum paid Tutors to teach her science and maths, she went on to do advanced mathematics in university

Did you know ?

  • Her maiden name is Augusta Ada Byron
  • Her full name is Augusta Ada King
  • She died of cancer

NC Year 6

Ada Lovelace Day 17- Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a computer programmer and a mathematician born on December 10th 1815 and died on November 27th 1852. She was born and raised in London. Her parents were Lady Anne Isabella and Lord George Gordon Bryon (was a famous poet).Her father died in Greece. Her mother decided she needed tutors for mathematics and science as a female wouldn’t be otherwise offered these subjects in her time. She went on to do advanced mathematics in university.

Photo from Wikipedia

Did you Know?

  • Her maiden name was Augusta Ada Bryon.
  • Her nickname was Enchantress of Numbers.
  • She married William King.
  • She was the first female computer programmer.
  • She had a sneak peak of the first computer.
  • She died from Cancer.

EC Year6




Ada Lovelace Day 17 – Katherine Johnson

photo from NASA website

When Katherine Johnson was a young girl in West Virginia, she loved counting everything. When she went to school she excelled at mathematics, by the age of 10 she ended up at High School. She did so well there that she went to West Virginia College at the age of 15. There was one thing for sure, she loved mathematics. After college she started to teach.

In 1953 NASA hired her and there she carried out the calculations to launch the first rocket that orbited the moon.

Let’s thank Katherine Johnson for changing the world with technology!

A.S. Year 5