Horrid Henry’s Sports by Francesca Simon.


Are you in need of laughter and like sports?

Well this is the book you should jump in right now and don’t forget it’s packed with facts! Henry talks about all sorts of sporty stuff like volleyball, tennis, cricket and obviously football! In my opinion it’s an EXCELLENT book.

There are loads and loads of brilliant facts in this book but my favourite fact is that if Queen Elizabeth I caught you playing football she will throw you straight into prison! And there’s 101 pages full of sport facts in the book HORRID HENRY’S SPORTS. Come and join me in this adventure of wonderful facts about sport.

Did you know that the Tug of War used to be an Olympic sport between 1900 and 1902 but in one of the games the USA and Great Britain disagreed about what type of boots they used. I hope you will go to the book shop and buy Horrid Henry’s Sports because of my book report.


Review: Horrid Henry’s Christmas Cracker

Horrid Henry is a funny story. This book is absorbing in the way it is written. Francesca Simon has written a funny and incredible story. The characters are Henry, Peter, Mum, Dad, Miss Battle-Axe, Jim, Brian, William, Josh, Nick, Miss Lovely and Margaret.

Henry is horrid at school and at home, he made his own club and Margaret too, he is horrid to his brother, never does his homework, has a hamster, always makes a mess in his bedroom, never listens to his parents and his teachers, never eats healthy foods, he makes his own rules in his club, is always watching TV, playing video games and he also gets in trouble for throwing things at his teacher.

That’s why he never gets any presents from Father Christmas.

I like the book because it is funny and makes me laugh.

My favourite character is Henry. I like the fact that he made his own club.

Henry does lots of funny jokes, which are hilarious.

I also like Brian, because he likes to eat healthy foods, just like me.