Book Review: The Boy at the Back of the Class By Onjali Q. Rauf


The Boy at the Back of the Class is an incredible story of true friendship determination and bravery.

Three weeks into a new school year, an empty chair at the back of a classroom, in a school in London, becomes taken by a Syrian refugee called Ahmet. Four children in the class make it their mission to become friends with Ahmet and when they hear his tragic story they are desperate to help him. Together the children defeat the class bully, come up with plans to challenge government policy and even create headline news by sparking a national security alert at Buckingham Palace!!

As I read this book, I laughed a lot but also felt sorry for Ahmet and angry at how he was treated by certain people. I have learnt more about the plight of refugees like Ahmet and the challenges they face when they are forced to leave their homes to find safe places to live.

I recommend this book to everyone – we should all be more aware and supportive of the needs of refugees.